You wanna join? Awesome! There's just a few rules I ask you to abide by. Nothing major, I swear!

1. You must be a fan of Olaf. Besides, he's adorable! How could you not like him?
2. Use a valid e-mail address. This is important, in case the listing URL changes or you need to change your info or anything like that.
3. nO sTiCkY cApS, please.
4. Use something that at least sounds like a real name. Nothing like RampItUp46.
5. If you have a website you would like shown with your info, please provide a link back to the fanlisting. If you use one of my codes, please save and upload to your own server. Hotlinking is bad rude and you're cool and awesome, right? Right!

That's all. So if I haven't scared you away, head on over to the join section.